Tape to CD Conversion

Audio to CDTotal Media, Inc. is proud to offer audio transfer services to convert your cassette tapes to CDs. Not only will you be able to preserve your old tapes on a more useful and convenient form of media in today’s age, but your CD can actually sound better than your source tape! Noise reduction can remove the tape hiss or even hum that may be on your source tape, depending on its age. Harmonic enhancement can bring back lost frequencies, and compression can even out volume level fluctuations, too. Let us bring your special recordings into the digital age and preserve your memories for generations to come. Whether you have an old tape of a band you were in years ago or a tape of a priceless conversation with a family member, order audio transfer now before your tapes are unrecoverable!


Preserve Your Past With Tape to CD Transfer

The mass production of compact cassette tapes began back in 1964, and they quickly became the most popular format for prerecorded music due to their durability, ease in copying and sound quality. Today, however, most of the major US music companies have discontinued their production, and cassette recorders and players have become scarce. While compact discs may have replaced cassette tapes, the information on those tapes is still precious, if not a dated reminder of the not-so-distant past. Plans should be made to archive these important tapes with audio to CD transfers so their content can last for many more years. Call or e-mail Total Media, Inc. today for more information on our media conversion services including DVD slideshows, DVD authoring, and vhs to dvd transfer.

Audio Cassette to CD – Only $35 per 60 minute cassette!
Full color printing and packaging options are available for your finished discs.

Audio Cassette to MP3 – Only $30 per 60 minute cassette!  We can also make your cassettes into MP3’s to play on your iPod or MP3 player.  Your MP3’s will be available via direct download.