With its headquarters hailing from Minneapolis, MN, RImage Corporation is one of the leading innovators within the on-demand digital publishing industry, and they hold one of this industry’s strongest names. They offer a wide range of sleek and efficient products, from devices suitable for the desktop, such as the RImage 2000i Series II, which offers an efficient and affordable solution to your at-home disc recording and printing needs, to products designed to produce discs in a high capacity, like the Producer IV 7200N and the 8200N, both capable of a 100-disc output. Printers are also available through RImage, enabling you to print your favorite design on your newly published CDs and DVDs. All of their products are polished and refined, and they can only add to the aesthetic of your home office or workplace.
Founded in 1978, RImage has over 20,000 devices currently installed around the world. They achieve their wide outreach by having multiple additional locations Germany, Japan, and China. In fact, RImage just celebrated their 10 year anniversary of participating in their Japanese market. With their products, not only do you receive elite hardware, you are also supplied with the appropriate and compatible software.
Not only are their products used internationally, but they are also used in a rich profusion of industries; from the medical field, to law enforcement, and extending to surveillance. The luxuries provided to a user by RImage’s products are obvious solutions to problematic features of these industries. Recording data, any data, on discs offers a material security that is list with most digital media. Surveillance records are easily stored, managed, and searchable when recorded on CDs and DVDs; hospitals can save on expenses by ditching film records and replacing them with discs; and store high quality movies that can imitate the look and feel of mass-produced media.

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