If you want to duplicate and print your own CDs, you need blank CDs and you can get them from Total Media, Inc. Commercially available since 1982, CDs (compact discs) are optical storage devices that can hold up to 700 MB of data (that’s about 80 minutes of audio). They were developed to record and play music, but are also popularly used for data storage and distribution. For CD duplication, discs that are labeled CD-R are necessary as they are recordable CDs able to be “burned” (regular CDs refer to discs that are actually manufactured from raw materials). CD-RWs are also available. These are rewritable discs that can be burned multiple times (typically up to 1,000 times) as opposed to only once like CD-Rs.

Total Media has been distributing blank CDs for decades and over the years we have developed relationships with bulk CD media manufacturers across the globe to offer you what is widely considered to be the highest quality among bulk CD packages. Our long-standing reputation with industry leaders that produce wholesale CDs allows us to offer these great brands at discounted rates. View More Media In Our Store

Blank DVDs – DVDRs, DVD-RWs and Blu-Ray

If you are duplicating and printing your own custom DVDs, Total Media has all of the blank DVDs you will need. DVDs were developed back in 1995, and though they have the same dimension as their optical disc counterparts, CDs, they have a much greater data capacity, which is the main reason that they are used for videos and software and not just audio, in addition to the slightly different technology used to accomplish this greater capacity (the wave length of the laser used to burn DVDs is much shorter than that used to burn CDs). When purchasing blank DVDs, you will be purchasing discs labeled DVD-R, denoting a recordable DVD format. These discs can be recorded only once and can store up to 4.7 GB of data. You can also purchase LightScribe DVDs, which are specially coated for printing and DVD-RWs, which have the same capacity, but can be rewritten multiple times (up to 1,000 times!).

Total Media, Inc. has a variety of blank DVDs available for purchase to meet each individual’s needs. Plus, our blank DVD media go through a rigorous testing process before they are shipped to you to ensure satisfaction. We know what works for any situation and will work closely with you to find the correct blank DVD media or blank DVD R media that fits your needs.