Duplicate in a flash..USB Duplicator

In addition to duplicators designed to copy CDs and DVDs, Total Media is excited to offer USB copiers to duplicate your flash drives. As the cost of flash memory continues to decrease, the distribution of information on flash drives is becoming more and more viable for companies in a wide range of areas from marketing and communications to education and even engineering. And with USB copiers you have the ability to make multiple copies quickly and reliably!


All About Flash Drive Duplicators

Flash Drive copiers are standalone machines that can copy many USB flash drives simultaneously and they are available in multiple slot configurations (typically anywhere from 3 to 118 slots) depending on the magnitude of your copying needs. Asynchronous copying technology and a large memory cache allows for every slot to operate independently. This means you can copy jobs of any size and permit target devices to be unloaded and loaded on the fly. As soon as a slot signals that it is ready, you can remove the finished, copied media and insert another blank device. Bit-level comparison ensures a successful copy every time. And because these copiers operate without the help of a PC, they are easy for anyone to use. Many USB copiers can also be used to erase content from flash drives, leaving you with a clean, unformatted device. Call or e-mail Total Media, Inc. today for more information on an efficient, affordable USB copier. We also carry CD/DVD recorders, and printing supplies covering all of your media production needs!

Microboards USB DuplicatorMicroboardsCopy USB thumb drives in a flash with the Microboards CopyWriter Flash Duplicators.  Available in 7, 11, or 15-slot configurations, users can make up to 15 copies at a time in a single system.  Making copies with the CopyWriter Flash Duplicator is easy; simply insert your master thumb drive and up to 15 blank thumb drives, then simply press the OK button to begin the copying process.