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Publishing CDs and DVD On Your Own

In addition to our duplication and replication services, Total Media, Inc. also offers duplication equipment for those customers wishing to publish CDs and DVDs on their own. Total Media is an authorized reseller for the world’s leading manufacturers of DVD and CD duplicating and printing equipment, such as Primera, Qumu, Microboards, and many more. You can create professional results with our state of the art products and rest assured knowing that we have tried and tested all of the equipment seen on our site to provide you with only the best products available in the industry.

Our selection of duplication equipment includes:duplication equipment

  • CD/DVD Tower Duplicators
  • CD/DVD Auto-Duplicators
  • CD/DVD Publishing Systems
  • Blu-Ray Copying Systems
  • CD and DVD Printers
  • USB Flash Drive Copiers


Disc Publishers – Printing and Duplication Equipment In One

While weduplication equipment carry a wide range of printing and duplication equipment, some of the most popular products in our catalog are the ones that combine these two functions in one machine. These disc publishing products are automated systems that burn and print your blank discs with minimal work from the user – they simply require one to load blank discs into the machine and they will take care of the rest! Discs can be produced on these machines for even less than it would cost to outsource such production – if you are constantly producing CDs and DVDs, the purchase of this type of product may be the perfect solution for you. Just like other duplication equipment, the quality and speed of these machines will depend on a variety of factors including the disc capacity (typically 20 to 200 discs), the speed of the operating system itself, the type of printing it employs (usually inkjet or thermal printing), and whether you want it to be a stand along machine or to work through a connection with a computer. The choice between these features, and even the choice to purchase a complete disc publishing product versus individual printing and duplication equipment depends on your production needs and your production budget.


Supplies, Parts and Everything Else For Your Media Needs!

duplication equipmentIn addition to CD and DVD duplication equipment, Total Media, Inc. offers a wide range of other products such as USB copiers, shredders, hard drive erasers, and more. We also stock all of the printing supplies you need to keep your equipment running from ink cartridges, toner cartridges, and printer ribbons to print-heads, spindles, and interlink cables. And if you need assistance with the operation of any of our equipment, our experts are available to help. Total Media’s sales staff goes through continual training from the industry leaders listed above. We know what works for any situation and will work closely with you to find the equipment that best fits your needs. If you cannot find what you need from our site or would like assistance with or more information on any of the duplication equipment and other products in our gallery, then give us a call or e-mail us today!