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Olympus 4E BD

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Olympus 4E BD

4 Burner Drives / 600 Disc Capacity

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Purchase an Olympus 4E or Olympus 4E-BD (Blu-Ray) and receive a FREE CW-200 Overwrapping Machine ($1599 USD value)
Offer valid July 15, 2015 to August 31, 2015

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Olympus 4E CD/DVD/BD Publisher

Olympus 4E CD/DVD/BD Publisher combines the robust and powerful core engine with up-to-date Windows clients. Server components control the connected CD/DVD/BD production systems. An intuitive graphical user interface of the client application makes media copies, creation of CD/DVD data media, Audio CDs, Video CD/DVD/BDs and print jobs a straightforward process. Additionally, the status of media production and devices can be monitored network-wide. The networking aspect allows for connectivity into any local or remote network, be it a small office network, or a large corporate environment. Each employee with access to the Olympus publisher will be able to submit their job to the queue at anytime, no matter the number of copies, and their jobs will be produced in the order submitted. The Olympus 4E is a standalone machine with 4 drives, 600 Disc Capacity, and the EnduraJet II CISS Continuous Ink printer. This also has a built-in PC with Windows 7 installed along with an advanced production software suite. The EnduraJet II features a continuous ink system CISS with external ink tanks. Because of this you can print approx. 3000-3500 prints resulting in approx. $ 0.03 per print! This is exceptionally significant because the average cost of inkjet printing is usually around $ 0.25-0.35 each. We also have the longest warranty in the industry at 3 years for robotics! Please see the details below along with the link to our official site for more detailed information on our Olympus 4E along with demo videos.

  • 4 Drives – 600 Disc Capacity
  • Built-In PC w/ Windows 7 & Production Software Suite
  • Integrated w/ EnduraJet II CISS Continuous Ink Printer w/ External Ink Tanks (6 Color)
  • Print approx. 3000-3500 prints per set of ink – $0.03 per print!

CW-200 Wrapping System

All Pro Solutions has the best tabletop manual overwrapping machine, CW-200, for any small rectangular shape objects like perfume, cosmetic boxes, tea, playing cards etc. as well as CD/DVD/Blu-Ray cases and video game cases. Simple to use, small and not expensive tabletop machine, provide professional packaging for your product. Very attractive price with really high manufacturing quality. This machine is nature friendly and have extremely low power consumption, CW-200 machine consume only 65 watts per hour. This is 30 times less than power consumption of heat gun and 60-100 times less than power consumption of heat chamber or heat tunnel. In addition, it simply saves you money day by day!

Universally, one machine can overwrap any kind of small boxes, they just need to fit on the wrapping panel;. This includes cigarette boxes, tea boxes, perfume boxes, soap boxes, cosmetic boxes, playing card boxes, and many many other kinds of products you can think of.

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