ad01In addition to our CD and DVD duplicators, Total Media, Inc. also offers a number of DVD and CD printers. Whether you need the extra speed and convenience of a one-CD capacity printer or you need the high-tech precision and efficiency of a large CD printer, there are a variety of printers to choose from including Primera and Rimage, to meet your production requirements. Our DVD and CD Printers Include:

• Automated Disc Printers
• Manual Disc Printers
• Printers With Separate C, M, Y and Black Ink Cartridges
• Combination Disc Duplicator/Printers
• And Many more..!


DVD, CD Printers and Printing Methods

At Total Media, we offer printers with inkjet, thermal and Everest printing technologies. Thermal printers offer a very cost effective and efficient way to print. Armed with a one color (black, blue, red, or green) ribbon, a thermal printer can turn out about 100 discs per hour. At 300 dpi, the thermal printer offers crisp image quality at an affordable price. (Thermal printers are commonly used to print USB copies.)

Inkjet printers also offer an economical solution to quality printing. With the ability to color match 16.7 million colors in upwards of 4880 dpi, inkjet printing offers an excellent way to promote the quality of your product.

everest-600-210x210The ultimate comes from the Everest photo realistic digital screen printers. At 160 lines per inch, this printer has the capability to put out photo realistic images that will absolutely amaze your audience. There are a variety of factors in addition to printing method that go into choosing the right DVD or CD printer for you. Contact Total Media, Inc. to learn more about our printers and let us help find the best product for your needs.