Required Forms

For anyone that is using their own master, we MUST have an Intellectual Property Rights form on file without exceptions. We CANNOT reproduce material that is copyrighted and not owned by you.

Download The IPR Form Here

Disc Printing Templates and Specifications

Our graphics department would love to help you create your own custom image to be printed on the surface of your discs, but if you already have specific artwork you would like to use for your DVD or CD printing, please make sure it fits the following on disc printing film requirements.

Although the following specification include center circles for the center holes, please DO NOT include a center-hole in any art submitted to Total Media.

Total Media supports artwork files with the following extensions when Total Media is creating products for in-house DUPLICATION. .jpg / .gif / .ai / .eps / .pdf / .psd / .bmp / .cdr / .tiff / .pm5 /.cdr

Please remember to either include your font files (.ttf only), or convert your artwork to outlines (“curves”) before sending files to Total Media’s graphics department.

Total Media supports any and all file types and extensions when producing or printing replicated (typically orders over 1000) CD’s/DVD’s or printed materials.

Printing Proofs will be e-mailed to you for approval if Total Media is processing your artwork, or if you request it. Printing proofs are final issuance from you to Total Media to begin the production of your order, and are final. In other words, if you make any changes after this point, you may have to also purchase the media we have already started printing.

Please use only CMYK, Grayscale, or “Spot-colors” (PMS – Pantone calibrated) color modes in your art.  If you want your printed materials to match the discs, actual printing proofs will be made at a cost of $75 that MUST be approved before production will continue.

Please embed all objects instead of linking them, but please include those objects as separate original files if we need to adjust anything here at Total Media.

For any and all questions feel free to contact us.

Artwork Template Downloads for DVD and CD inserts and booklets:
Disc Printing Template
Amaray Case Wrap
Amaray Insert
4 Panel Jewel Case Insert
6 Panel Jewel Case Insert
Tray-card Jewel Case Insert