In addition to duplicating and replicating your CDs and DVDs, Total Media can help you complete your media packages by offering several different disc printing options. Our discs are printed using state-of-the-art equipment and technologies so you can receive the highest quality products. Your printed disc surfaces will be photo realistic and feature an unscratchable, professional finish that will last a lifetime. And not only will you receive the highest quality DVD and CD printing available – but you’ll also receive it at the most competitive prices.


DVD and CD Printing Methods

We offer a variety of DVD and CD printing options that are each suited to the specifications of one’s media project. These methods include thermal printing, inkjet printing, everest printing, offset printing (also referred to as 5 color printing) and silk screen printing. Most media duplication projects (including flash drive duplication) will use either thermal, inkjet or Everest printing. Media replication projects are best suited for the offset printing method, whereby the image in transferred (or “offset”) from a plate, to a rubber blanket, and then onto the surface of disc. For mini CD-Rs/ DVD-Rs and business card shaped CD-Rs we offer the additional option of applying a printed sticker label.