Total Media, Inc. is proud to be an authorized re-seller for the world’s leading manufacturers of CD and DVD Duplicators. Are you looking for a unit that you can count on to produce flawless copies unattended? Or maybe you need a manual tower system that provides high volume, quick turnaround copies. At Total Media, we offer a wide range of duplicators (in a wide range of price points) that boast different capabilities so you can be sure to find the product that best fits your needs.

Some of the brands that we carry are Rimage, Primera, Microboards, Epson, TEAC, Xerox, VinPower, All Pro and more.  Most of our duplicators will duplicate mini-CDs to Dual Layer DVD’s (8.4GB) and some have the option for Blu-Ray (25 & 50GB).

We also have fully automated archival systems that use 50 & 100GB Blu-Ray discs. Please contact us for more information on these systems.

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Complete Your Own Media Project With Our DVD and CD Copiers

Even though you are choosing to complete your own media project by purchasing a DVD or CD duplicator rather than having it done by a company that offers duplication services, you still want it to look just as professional. Thus you may want to consider purchasing a disc copier that has printing capabilities too so you can copy and add artwork to the surface of your discs, all with one machine! Separate DVD and CD printers are available as well. With today’s technology, you truly have so many options when it comes to DVD and CD duplicators and we are happy to help you decide the best, and most cost-effective, product for your needs. Call or e-mail Total Media, Inc. today for more information regarding our DVD and CD duplicators.