Web Hosting, Design, and Other Digital Services

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shutterstock_83351815Most of what we do at Total Media Inc. involves mingling the physical and the digital. Media duplication and transformation is what we specialize in, but it is not necessarily our stopping point. Our skills extend further into the digital realm. Technology is our focus, and in today’s world technology is everything. Staying current with technological trends includes becoming familiar with digital media.

Totally Media Inc. is proud to offer a wide spectrum of digital services:

  • Cloud storage, space, and support
  • Web hosting, domain registration, and email hosting.
  • Web development (WordPress, PHP, HTML, and much more)
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Internet Marketing and Advertising Campaign Management
  • Digital design

Our world is shifting towards digitization, and it’s doing so quickly. What was once an acceptable medium, namely printed materials and hard copies, is now seen as clutter and inconvenient. Gone are the days of stacks of documents piling on desks and filing cabinets expanding exponentially. We have even moved past the days of flash drives and external hard drives. The space we occupy is no longer immediately physical. Instead, Total Media Inc. can connect you with cloud storage. Essentially, your information would be kept in a virtual environment, readily available for and easily accessible by you. Store important data, contracts, videos, and much more in a way that promotes space efficiency. Cloud storage also makes file sharing easier by enabling you, the administrator, to grant access to certain documents to others.

In line with our cloud services, we offer a wide range of services for businesses who want to increase their presence on the web. We provide services for web hosting, domain registration, web development, and search engine optimization. We will even manage your marketing and advertising campaigns. Basically, your website will be taken care of from start to finish, though our goal is to give your business an everlasting presence.

Keeping up with Internet marketing trends and patterns can prove to be laborious. Just in SEO alone, there are tons of methods and schools of thought. Along with staying current with a constantly changing idea, you have to maintain your knowledge of business trends, your competitors, and the overall growth of your business. Why not lay that first burden on Total Media Inc? Rather than trying to micromanage every aspect of your business by yourself, think of as partners who are dedicated to projecting your image of your business to the world. Our team at Total Media Inc. stays current with the trends in SEO, traditional marketing tactics, social media trends, and even emerging methods of guerrilla marketing.

If you’re still interested in promoting your business through a physical medium, we can assist in designing your business cards, pamphlets, fliers, etc. To top it off, we will also print your products so they’re distribution-ready.

Interested? Call or email us today, and tell us what you’re looking for. Our expert staff undergoes continuous training that has allowed us to stay at the helm of the emerging world of digital technology for the past 30 years. We even encourage our staff members to research their fields of interest individually, and then regroup to share what they are learning. We offer competitive pricing and outstanding services that are simply unmatched, and we never lose sight of our collaborative focus.

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