Vinyl and CDs for Promotions

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Total Media offers both vinyl copies and CDs for promotions. If you need CD copies fast you have come to the right place. When CD’s first were produced by maker Taiyo Yuden in Japan, the format quickly spread across the world, and with that popularity, many experts predicted the downfall of vinyl records.  But even today, vinyl is making a comeback, with 70% of record sales being purchased by those under the age of 25.  The unique qualities of Vinyl compared to digital formats is making more audiophiles return to the roots of recorded music and appreciating that warm tone that just doesn’t seem right in an MP3.


Total Media Vinyl Record Sales 2013

Although records are still in a niche market, even today’s popular artists are producing albums on vinyl.  Lady Gaga, Adele, Mumford & Sons, 50 Cent and others are producing their music in several formats to please a wide variety of customers.
Here in the United States, less than one million records were sold in 2006.  In 2013, the number of vinyl records rose over six fold to 6.1 million records accounting for 6% of the total of all music sales.  That may not sound like much, but considering vinyl used to account for 0.2% of all sales, that’s quite a comeback and it’s still going strong.

Part of that rise is thanks to the indie band craze.  “They kind of made vinyl cool again, I think the record companies felt it might be a good idea to maybe release some of their singles in vinyl form. It was really a form of promotion but the fans picked up on that, the bands loved it because it’s a bit of a badge of honor to release on vinyl, it’s part of the whole mythology around rock n’ roll really,” says Gennaro Castaldo, director of Communications at the British Phonographic Industry, the British record industry’s trade association.

While vinyl is making a comeback, so are CD’s.  Digital downloads of music and other content is at about 30%, but CD’s and DVD’s for promotional and informational purposes are making a comeback as well.

So for those of you looking for a unique way to promote your music or even promoting your company, think CD’s, DVD’s or even vinyl!  Talk about eye-catching!  Pair it with the right printed piece and you will wow your customers into saying “YES!”

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