Flash Drives and SD Cards

In terms of computer data storage, removable media refers to media storage devices that can be removed from their reader (typically a computer or drives integrated into a computer) without turning the system off. Removable media is purchased and used for several reasons among which are that it is great for storing backup copies of important information, it is great for transporting data between two computers, and it is great for copying information to give to someone else. There are many different types of removable media available today and Total Media is proud to be an authorized reseller of such devices from the industry’s leading manufacturers.


Flash DrivesRemovable Media – From Flash Drives to SD Cards

Two of the most popular forms of removable media available from Total Media are flash drives and memory cards. Memory cards are small data storage devices used to store and transfer digital information such as photos or videos. Flash drives are small data storage devices used to store and transfer digital information, too, but they also feature an integrated Universal Serial Bus (USB) that allow them to easily connect to computers and other pieces of equipment via a USB port that are commonplace on a plethora of products (Flash drives can typically hold the same information as custom CDs and DVDs like wedding CDs, but they have less space for graphic personalization and packaging. View our wedding CD templates for further explanation.) Both memory cards and flash drives are available with various memory capacities to cater to the needs of the user. For more information on memory cards, flash drives, and any other forms of removable media, call or e-mail Total Media, Inc. today.