ad02Custom CDs and DVDs can make any special occasion even more special by giving recipients a unique and memorable memento that makes a great lasting impression. From custom CDs for wedding favors and holiday greeting cards, to personalized DVDs for family reunions full of clips from precious home videos, your friends and family will be sure to treasure these discs for years to come – and Total Media will help you throughout the entire process of crafting them to make sure they fit your needs, and your budget. Custom CDs and DVDs can be used to celebrate numerous occasions including:

Weddings and anniversaries..

Birthdays and reunions..

Holidays and parties..

Bar Mitzvahs, Bat Mitzvahs or any occasion!

Personalizing Your Personalized CD or DVD

Total Media Inc Anniversary DVDWhen it comes to personalizing your custom CD or DVD, the first step is to decide the content you want the disc to hold. Total Media has a wide selection of music compilations from which you can choose that match a range of occasions. We can also create CDs from music of your own choosing, as long as you have the rights to your selections. For even more personalization, you can include voice-overs or your own recordings and home videos to be incorporated into your final disc. In addition to choosing your content, you also get to decide how to customize the face of your discs. We have several templates that you can use, or we can help you create a totally unique design to be printed on your custom CDs or DVDs. With photo-realistic and inkjet printing processes, your artwork will look its best. We can also print inserts and booklets to go along with your discs and help you choose from multiple packaging options including colored jewel cases and clam shells.


Custom CDs and DVDs to Promote You and Your Business

While many choose to purchase custom CDs and DVDs as greeting cards or party favors, they can also be great promotional tools for individuals and their businesses that offer lasting brand impressions. You can create custom CDs and DVDs as corporate gifts and giveaways with music compilations tailored to a certain marketing theme or to your general target market. Additionally, such discs offer a unique and affordable way to share information from sales presentations and proposals to product catalogs and press kits. There are also customizable CD business cards available. These are mini CDs that are designed to be the same size as traditional business cards and can be read on most regular CD playback machines. You can personalize these CDs to look like your paper business card, but they can hold much more information than just your name, title and phone number – these discs can hold everything from your resume and references to your corporate profile and annual reports. For more information on creating your own custom CD or DVD – for professional or personal purposes – call or e-mail Total Media, Inc. today!

Complete Personalized CD Package Only $395.00 for 100

(Includes artwork design, music CD, jewel case & shrink-wrap)
We do not sell music. Client must furnish us with a CD-R master with content that they have legal rights to duplicate and give away. All projects will require a signed indemnification agreement.