x_birthdayBirthday Card CDs

Whether it’s a birth announcement or a celebration of your grandfather’s 100th birthday, birthday card CDs or DVDs are a unique and fun way to get the celebration started! Perfect as party favors, these CDs are equally apt as an invitation. But regardless of how you choose to use them, everyone’s sure to appreciate these gifts and at Total Media, we can help you create a disc that fits your needs, your timeline, and your budget. Some of the features you can choose from for your custom birthday card CD include:

Birthday Card CDs• Personalized content: choose from our large selection of songs, or record your own voice overs and songs sung by family members.

• Pictures: we can easily scan pictures or other graphics and print them on your birthday card CD or DVD for a personal look and feel.

• Cases: we offer a number of different colors for CD jewel cases so you can choose the one that complements the design of your disc cover.