Total Media, Inc. VHS to DVD conversion service

All of our DVDs are archival grade, which contributes to their longevity and allows you to enjoy your videos for years to come. Every conversion includes 2 copies on DVD in cases.

VHS to DVD Conversion Service Prices (We will also convert any kind of video tape cartridge for the below prices, [VHS-C, HI-8, Mini DV, Camcorder etc]:

  • 1 to 4 Tapes – $25 each
  • 5 to 9 Tapes – $23 each
  • 10 to 14 Tapes – $21 each
  • 15 to 19 Tapes – $19 each
  • 20 or more – Call for an awesome discount
  • Additional copies of your movies only $3 each
  • Blu-Ray, extended-length, dual-layer and many other options available!

Why Choose Total Media over other conversion services?

• We do not send your tapes anywhere, everything is done in-house
• We adjust for tracking, dust, mold, change out capture cameras and do everything possible in order to get you the best conversion from your media that you will ever get. We may utilize dehydrators and even a baking process to remove moisture from film if necessary.
• We have never lost a tape, or damaged a tape. You will get your tape back, it will not be destroyed in the conversion process.
• We are not a ‘mom & pop’ shop, Total Media has had the same office for over 20 years, is a trusted government contract holder, and our tape conversion service is used by The Department of The Interior, NOAA, DOD, and the Government Printing Office.
• We do not charge for blank tapes, or tapes where there is no longer any discernible content, we always check for video and audio.

For our clients outside the Tampa Bay area, please contact us first to discuss shipping options at 888-456-DISK/ We offer our quantity discounts on any kind of tape (mix and match), if you have several tapes give us a call for a custom quote today. ALL other tape conversion options are supported not just VHS (VHS-C, Mini-DV, Hi8, Super 8, Cassette, reels, etc.)

Let’s face it: VHS is dead. The times of popping a home movie into the VCR to reminisce about simpler times of when your children were adorable are on their way out. We would bet that you probably couldn’t even find a VCR in the modern household, with the exception of one sitting in someone’s garage in a pile of junk. You would be lucky to find one in your local pawn shop. It’s a dying, if not already dead, medium.

Total Media Inc. offers a convenient service of converting your old VHS to crisp DVDs. Along with our conversion, we offer an additional DVD backup just in case something goes wrong with the original. Each conversion is cleaned up with optimized tracking for the highest quality possible. Professional quality editing and mastering are also available.

Too many disadvantages surround the VHS. They’re bulky and they take up too much space; the film can be ripped out of its casing; the tapes can be chewed up; and even in their prime, they come with a life expectancy of twenty years. At the time of the writing of this article if your VHS tape is older than 1996 it is already beginning to degrade. Even in low light, dry storage, eventually mold begins to force the tape inside of the case to adhere to itself permanently damaging your video. It would be better to save your memories using a more sustainable format.

Complimentary to our VHS to DVD conversion service are some additional digital benefits. We can transform your videos into easily transportable and download-ready digital formats. Instead of requiring physical space for DVDs, you can store all of your videos on your computer, on flash drives, or on external hard drives. Transporting your files would be easy, and you could plug-and-play on any device. If you would rather stray completely from physical storage, we can also make your videos accessible from cloud storage. They would be download-ready through any storage site of your choosing.