Bulk discounts are available. Got 10 tapes or more? Give us a ring. Other companies may cheaper, but they do not adjust the tracking of your tapes. Typically they dont even rewind them before converting, and you might have to wait weeks to get them back. At Total Media we convert your tape the day we get it and then send it back to you with 2 custom printed DVD’s.

Got strange tapes you’re not even sure what to call? Need mp4’s or something instead of a DVD? Want it dropboxed back to you, like the very same day? 888.456.DISK (3475)

Video Conversion Service

 1 to 4 Tapes – $25 each

 5 to 9 Tapes – $23 each

 10 to 14 Tapes – $21 each

 15 to 19 Tapes – $19.50 each

 20 to 24 Tapes – $17.50 each

 25 to 29 Tapes – $16.50 each

 30 or more – $15.50 each

VHS, VHS-C, 8mm, Hi8.. any strange little tape you have we will convert it to a DVD for you for twenty bucks or so! Includes 2 copies, with a full color inkjet print with your custom text title in a poly DVD case, additional copies for $3/ea. Dual Layer and Blu-Ray mastering available too.

Orders can be mailed or dropped off to Total Media:

21947 US HWY 19 N

Clearwater Florida 33765

Media Conversion

Total Media, Inc. offers affordable and effective media conversion to bring your media into the modern era. You know that modern technology travels fast; and if your company training and marketing materials, treasured videos of your children growing up, or even favorite old movies are still stored on cassette or video tapes, then they are completely out of date. Few consumers even own cassette players or VHS players today, devices necessary to retrieve the data from such analog forms of media. So if you want to keep these invaluable materials, and distribute them to your customers or family in a way in which they are able to play them, then digital media conversion from Total Media, Inc. is a perfect, and necessary, employment. Not only will the digital format be more compatible with modern playback devices, but there are numerous additional benefits to digital forms of media. Digital media, such as CDs and DVDs, can hold larger amounts of data than their analog counterparts, even though they are physically smaller (which lends to easier storage and distribution, too). Plus, they can offer higher quality audio and visual performance and less degradation over time. Our analog to digital media conversion services include:

Audio Cassette to CDDVD Slideshows
VHS to DVDDVD Authoring

Analog to Digital and More..

Whether you have a VHS tape or even still pictures, Total Media, Inc. can convert your raw footage and transfer it to a CD or DVD using cutting-edge media conversion techniques and top-tier machinery to ensure a flawless finish every time. Plus, we can edit your audio or video, add graphics, update titles, add special effects, and even add a new soundtrack or narration. Perfect for distributing to customers and clients or for in-house training, you can update your old materials with your new logo and a modern soundtrack. We can also encode the video for smooth streaming over the World Wide Web, or broadcast-quality play from a CD or DVD. If you prefer to keep your video in analog VHS format, Total Media can also digitize video for editing purposes and then return the video to analog VHS with almost no perceptible loss in quality from the original recording. We can then master your content for play back on your home DVD player. Your memories will be safe for years to come in digital format.

Learn More About Our Media Conversion Services Today..

You can stay on the cutting edge of technology without having to create new materials with media conversion services. Contact Total Media, Inc. today to see exactly how analog to digital media conversion can benefit you! No order is too large or too small. We have one of the best media conversion and mastering facilities staffed by trained professionals who have been in the recording industry for over 15 years.