ad04Whether you need to duplicate a music CD to distribute your band’s new tracks or need 100,000 copies of your new corporate training DVD, Total Media Inc. can provide you with fast, easy and affordable services for all of your media duplication needs. Media duplication actually refers to the process of copying data, audio, or video onto recordable media (typically a CD-R, a DVD-R or a custom USB drive). DVD duplication or CD duplication uses discs that have a layer of optical dye wherein data is burned onto the electrons of the dye layer using a laser. This is where the expression, “to burn a disc” comes from. The discs are burned and then the artwork is printed directly onto the face of the disc.

Duplicating CDs, DVDs and USB drives is a relatively quick and inexpensive process making it the optimal choice for any short-run need. There are virtually no compatibility issues with CD-R but, in the case of DVD-R duplication, although rare, there are still some compatibility issues between some older set-top players and various DVD-Rs. But you can rest assured because Total Media only uses the highest quality brands of media with the best rated levels of compatibility for all of our media duplication services. From our duplicators to our printers, we use only top-tier equipment to ensure each and every disc or flash drive is as beautifully done as the original.


Media Duplication Versus Media Replication

ad05Unlike media duplication, media replication refers to the process of manufacturing CDs and DVDs from raw materials. The replication process consists of creating a glass master, a stamper, and injection molding to form the discs. The data is pressed into a polycarbonate material, and then a laser-reflective layer of foil is applied. Finally, a protective coating is added and the discs is printed. The CD replication or DVD replication process, from start to finish, can take anywhere from seven to ten business days to complete. There are many benefits to media replication including 100% accuracy, compatibility, and tremendous price breaks in larger quantities, which in some instances can make replication the better choice. While more time-consuming, if you want to make 1,000 discs or more, replication will typically be the least expensive option as well.

Media Copying, Printing & Packaging

One major benefit of our media duplication and media replication services is that we cover all aspects of the process. Simply provide us with the master disc and any graphics you would like printed, and we will take it from there! Offering full-service media duplication, Total Media handles everything from sourcing the blank CDs, DVDs or drives, to DVD and CD printing, DVD and CD packaging, and shipping. We can even ship to multiple addresses if needed. Plus, because our staff is continually being trained with the newest, most advanced techniques, you get the benefits of both accumulated knowledge and cutting-edge innovations. We make it our mission to ensure your media duplication is performed to exacting standards. Call or e-mail us today for more information on all our media duplication services and to get a quote for your project!