(SEO) Search Engine Optimization

What does the term SEO or Search Engine Optimization mean? Simply put, it means the process of promoting a website on the major search engines to increase traffic and sales. Guess what? There are over 4 billion Google searches everyday and approximately 53% of users click on the first organic search position. Why SEO helps improve your business? More visitors to your site means more business for you. How SEO is best achieved? In a few words, when your website contains information that is relevant to both human visitors and search engine robots. People scan your website for relevant and interesting information they can use to make purchase decisions, this translates into compelling content, web design that is creative yet easy to use and of course trustworthy websites. In the other hand, robots rank your site for search engines by scanning your website code, they want to see unique content, relevant keywords, descriptive HTML (titles, descriptions, headers), quick load time, working URLs, clear site architecture and trustworthy links from outside sources.

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SEO is the key if you are looking to generate more leads, customers and revenue online. More visitors to your site means more business for you.
As we mentioned earlier, Search Engine Optimization is in your business’ interest. What are the most relevant SEO benefits for your business?
  • Targeted Traffic: SEO can increase the number of web users actively looking for your products or service.
  • High ROI: SEO brings you a higher return on investment (ROI) than any comparable form of marketing.
  • Navigable by Search Engines: Appropriate optimization ensures all pages of your site are accesible by the search engines crawlers, so that your website can be easily indexed with the correct classification.
  • Increased Accessibility: SEO procedures make your website more accessible to all users, increasing the potential for lead generation and more sales.
  • Utilization: To comply with the basic optimization criteria, visitors have a more pleasant user experience.

The Search Engine Optimization business is progressing more and more each day. As businesses aim to promote brand awareness through their online presence, the importance and power of productive SEO can have a huge impact and reach unprecedented heights. Budgets are growing at 66%, marketers said on 2018 statistics their budgets for optimization have increased enormously in comparison with some years ago.

Strong search engine optimization requires constant maintenance, the same way bodybuilders work out. A comprehensive work out plan with variations and different exercises is key to benefitting the different parts of the optimization body. Almost all marketers think branded content breathes better than magazine ads and let’s be honest, nowadays digital marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing and filters through 3x as many leads. Taking everything into consideration we can say Search Engine Optimization is the best investment for your marketing budget. Total Media Inc. can help your business to rank #1 on Google, gather all of the forces and create a solid traffic funnel to your website increasing your leads, we can even managed your advertising campaigns and social media accounts. Want to know more about our marketing services? Click Here.