MicroBoards Technology has steadily grown with CD-R technology for the past 21 years, rather than straying from it and investing their interesting in other areas. Their persistence in handling what can be considered a dying medium in a digital world puts them in a unique position. They have also adapted their understanding of technology and the world of the physical disc in order to embrace DVD-R and Blu-Ray technologies. Their passion only sprouts productivity. In fact, in 2012 MicroBoards Technology announced a new device that joined their arsenal of equipment. Their G4 Disc Publisher meets and exceeds its predecessor, with a fifty disc capacity and is designed to handle an weekly output of 250 discs. MicroBoards’ G4 publishes CDs, DVDs, and Blu-Ray discs. It provides a convenient and efficient mode of record keeping to schools, churches, businesses, and government offices alike. Videographers and record producers have also been known to use our disc publishing equipment.
MicroBoards Technology was founded in 1989, initially introduced as an international division of a Japanese CD-engineering firm and soon gained enough momentum to represent itself as a viable company. Throughout the years, MicroBoards Technology has focused building strong relationships with pioneering technology manufacturers such as Panasonic, Verbatim, Hoei Sangyo, JVC, and a slew of others. Because of this, they have become one of the industry’s leading distributors, offering only the best solutions. A consumer would not have to worry about putting all of their eggs in one basket: Their options are limitless.
What sets MicroBoards Technology aside from its competitors are its arms in manufacturing. Not only can they offer distribute elite equipment from the leading manufacturers, they can also diagnose their faults and tailor their products to the demands of the industry. Their ideas for products are based on current and active research, dynamically altering their position in the game with diligent engagement. MicroBoards manufactures such products as automated disc publishers and duplicators, printers, recorders, warranties, and software. Each device created promotes efficiency and is user friendly; each service meant to increase performance and ensure the longevity of their fruits.

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