Primera Technology, Inc. is similar to both MicroBoards and RImage. They distribute entry-level, high-end, and professional-grade disc publishers, as well as software helpful to those the industry. Primera offers products designed by one the world’s leading disc-duplicator manufacturers: the Bravo-Series Disc-Publisher. The Bravo-Series lineup automates the entire disc burning and printing process, alleviating the hassle of carefully monitoring the procedure. Rather than having to spend a lot of time duplicating multiple discs, users can occupy their time more efficiently. The Bravo-Series Disc-Publisher provides a hands-free experience due to its advanced mechanics. Think of it as owning your robot in order to increase the productivity of your business.
A facet unique to Primera Technology, Inc. is the distribution of label printers and label printing services. Primera will supply you with materials needed for a job from start to finish. You can begin by using their newest, and fastest, pigment inkjet label printer, the LX2000. This superb printer allows you to print up to 6 inches of labels per second. It is designed with a built-in pizza-wheel cutter, and it comes with the Bartender Ultralite software for label formatting. The LX2000 prints labels suitable for household items such as food cans, jars, and storage totes, and is also capable of printing more durable labels for containers withholding hazardous materials or boxes stored outside that are typically exposed to the elements.
Primera’s labelling products will continue to walk you through your projectors with their label applicators, perfect for applying your homemade labels to cylindrical objects. In order to complete your label applications, Primera provides digital label presses and finishing systems.
All of their products are elegantly and intelligently designed. Their entry-level, high-end, and professional-grade devices are ergonomic and economic. They are not big, elaborate machines, but are instead small and space-efficient tools that fit comfortably on your desk at home or at your workplace.
Rooted in Plymouth, Minnesota, Primera Technology, Inc. is the world’s most recognizable name in disc-publishing. Distributing their products in over 220 countries, they are known for their diverse affiliations, including, but not limited to, 7-Eleven, LG Electronics, Lenovo, American Express, Maytag, and McGraw-Hill. Service and Support from Plymouth, Minnesota is provided to North America, Latin America, and South America. European customers receive service and support from Wiesbaden, Germany, and those in the Asia Pacific are serviced and supported from Hong Kong. Not only are Primera Technology, Inc. leaders in their field of manufacturing and distribution, they are also distinguished examples of prime customer service. In November 2014, received the “Best Customer Service” aware from LiveHelpNow, and have done so for seven consecutive years. This prestigious award is exemplary of high-quality, 24/7 live chat services that Primera offers to customers globally. Primera Technology, Inc. continue to succeed and exceed expectations, rapidly developing the most efficient solutions for the disc-publishing and labeling industries.

Bravo 4051 BLU (1 drive)
Bravo 4051 BLU (1 drive) 100-240 VAC, (NA plug)
Bravo 4051 DVD±/CD-R (1 drive)
Bravo 4051 DVD±/CD-R (1 drive), 100-240 VAC, (NA plug)
Bravo 4100 AutoPrinter
Bravo 4100 AutoPrinter (no drives, print only), 100-240 VAC, (NA plug)
Bravo 4101 DVD±/CD-R (1 drive)
Bravo 4101 DVD±/CD-R (1 drive), 100-240 VAC, (NA plug)
Bravo 4101-Blu DVD±/CD-R/BD-R
Bravo 4101-Blu DVD±/CD-R/BD-R (1 drive), 100-240 VAC, (NA plug)
Product Pick: Primera Bravo 4102 Disc Publisher
Bravo 4102 DVD±/CD-R (2 drives)
Bravo 4102 DVD±/CD-R (2 drives), 100-240 VAC, (NA plug)
Bravo 4102 XRP Blu Disc Publisher
Bravo 4102 XRP Blu Disc Publisher, 100-240 VAC
Product Pick: Primera Bravo 4102 Disc Publisher
Bravo 4102 XRP Disc Publisher
Bravo 4102 XRP Disc Publisher (North American plug)
Bravo 4102-Blu DVD±/CD-R/BD-R (2 drives)
Bravo 4102-Blu DVD±/CD-R/BD-R (2 drives), 100-240 VAC, (NA plug)

This is the standard color ink cartridge for use with the Bravo SE Disc Publisher/AutoPrinter and Bravo SE Blu Disc Publisher.


This is the standard color ink cartridge for use with the Signature III and Signature IV CD printers.


This is the standard CMY color ink cartridge for use with the SignaturePro and Signature Z6 printers.