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Get High Quality at a Low Cost
Rimage offers a selection of color and monochrome thermal
ribbons tailored to Prism printing. Enjoy high quality monochrome
prints of vector artwork with solid black thermal ribbons, or add
color with blue, red or three-panel CMY ribbons. No matter which
ribbons you choose, you’ll benerom the lowest cost-per-print int
for on-demand CD, DVD and Blu-ray Disc publishing plus clear,
crisp text and images that last.
Prism Ribbon Features:
•Optimized for use with Prism Printers
•Strong, vibrant colors
•Low cost-per-print compared to competitive brands
•Water-proof and scratch resistant images and text
•Zero drying time

Proven to offer superior print performance as well as lasting
durability in competitive assessment testing
•Fast, dependable production of discs—every time

Authentic Rimage CMY and monochrome ribbons create bold
images and durable, professional discs for all of your data
publishing, distribution and storage needs.
Get More from Every Ribbon
The Prism printer has a ribbon saving feature that can greatly
reduce ribbon costs. Printing on the entire disc uses about 4.5
inches of ribbon. Printing on half the disc uses less than 2.5 inches
of ribbon – meaning the less you print, the more discs you get out
of each ribbon.
•1.2” of printing = 8,000 discs
•2.5” of printing = 3,500 discs
•Full disc printing = 2,100 discs

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