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The Zeus 4 CD DVD BD Inspector is a professional tool for intensive analysis and extraction of data from CD DVD and Blu-Ray media. This system is tailored for data recovery technicians, forensic examiners, and law enforcement professionals requiring tools for extracting information from optical media. We get all the data all the time!

The Zeus 4 CD DVD BD Inspector allows for fully automated robotic disc handing. It supports multiple drive collection simultaneously as well as an available camera as an optional add-on to photograph discs as they are processed. The Zeus 4 Inspector enables processing all of the discs that have been seized in a unattended manner that operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This enables forensic examiners to focus on more productive tasks while all the potential evidence is processed. There have been customers with robotic systems process a 50-disc spindle of apparently blank discs to discover one disc in the middle with contraband on it – these discs would never have been processed without a robotic system. The Zeus 4 Inspector is cost-effective and very reliable. By operating unattended, it both ensures consistency and processes discs at the maximum speeds.

The Zeus 4 Inspector has extensive reporting options and can collect evidence from discs in a .iso format (very limited) or as a .ZIP which utilizes the full capability of CD/DVD/BD Inspector’s ability to dig out lost, deleted and hidden files on the media. Use of a .ZIP transfer file works with both EnCase and FTK as well as other products and is strongly recommended. Hash matching can also be done as the discs are processed to match against known contraband files.

The information collected by the Zeus 4 CD DVD BD Inspector can be controlled via user-specific options:

  • Complete disc content stored as (a) image file (b) ZIP image for import into EnCase or FTK (c) discrete files from the disc.
  • Report on all files found and/or recovered from the disc in text or HTML format. Image thumbnails optional with HTML report.
  • Analysis report which consists of a summary of the content found on the disc.
  • Table of contents report.
  • File System analysis report showing software used to create the file system on the disc.
  • MD5/SHA1 hash value of the disc.
  • MD5/SHA1 hash value of each file on the disc.
  • Optional matching against a hash set.

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