Custom USB Drives – This Year’s Ultimate Conference Tool

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According to Pro Sound News, the big trend at this year’s InfoComm (Information Communications Marketplace) was custom USB drives preloaded with product information. Held annually in June, InfoComm showcases the latest technologies for audio, video, display, projection, digital content creation, networking, signal distribution and much more. With hundreds of equipment manufacturers lining the exhibition hall at such large conferences, it is easy to get one product confused with the next by the end of the day. Custom USB drives not only provide a way to advertise your company again to the drive recipient but, when preloaded with information, they can also provide an easy way for the recipient to read your product information (pamphlets and flyers are more likely to be thrown away.)

There are many advantages when using custom USB drives as promotional business materials:

  • Small and lightweight, so are easy to carry and distribute.
  • Provide great advertising opportunities when printed with your name and logo.
  • Rewritable, so recipients can use them personally, extending your advertising potential.
  • Available in multiple memory size options for individual needs.
  • Plus they save paper!

You can distribute custom USB drives preloaded with information at your next trade show, conference, or event, and Total Media, Inc, can help you do so! Call or e-mail for more information!