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DVD Authoring

So you have a lot of home video footage that you’ve been compiling and sharing over the web but you want to actually burn that data onto a disc. You will quickly find out that it is not quite as simple as say, burning some of your music to a CD. Creating a DVD from video content (typically .mpg, .mov, or .wmv files) is called DVD authoring and it involves compressing data (remember a DVD holds 4.8GB – an hour of uncompressed .mov file is about 101GB) and converting it into a format that complies with the DVD specifications (as set by the DVD Forum group) so it will actually play on a DVD player. Additionally, DVD authoring involves adding title pages, chapters, menus, music, and even closed captioning to optimize the functionality of the DVD.

At Total Media, we can take your video content and create a professional DVD that is customized to your liking. Call or e-mail today to find out how!