The CD / DVD Silkscreen Process

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Do you want your custom discs to really make an impact with your recipients? CD silk screen and DVD silk screen printing options allow them to do just that, and at Total Media, we can design a complete visual solution for your media project.


The CD & DVD Silk Screen Printing Process

A CD silk screen or a DVD silk screen (sometimes referred to as a CD or DVD screen print) is created through a process that is used specifically to print on irregular surfaces, such as those of a t-shirt, usb flash drives, pens & other promotional materials or even discs, through the use of a woven mesh screen.

  1. This screen is first coated with a light-sensitive emulsion.
  2. Films, made to represent each color in the design, are put on top of the screen one at a time.
  3. The film and screen are then exposed to Ultraviolet light, which results in a thickening or hardening of the emulsion.
  4. The screen is then rinsed out with a solvent, leaving a negative image in the screen.
  5. The screen is put onto the printing machine and covered with ink.
  6. A rubber squeegee pushes the ink through the screen image onto the CD surface.
  7. The process is repeated for each color film.
  8. Voila – a CD silk screen Printed Image!

DVD or CD silk screen can be the best printing option for many media projects, but one of our other options, such as inkjet or thermal printing, may be better suited for your particular needs. Call us so we can make your discs the best they can be today!