Removable Media – Celebrating 25 Years of NAND Flash Memory!

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Removable Media

This year marks the 25th anniversary of the invention of NAND flash memory – a high density data storage chip that is electrically erasable and rewritable. It is most commonly used in forms of removable media including flash drives and memory cards, and it has allowed us to store, transfer, and share so many different forms of media in an easy to use, easy to transport way.

NAND technology was invented by a man named Dr. Fujio Masuoka and is credited to the Toshiba Corporation, for whom he was working at the time. Toshiba has plans to celebrate this anniversary throughout the year with industry events and an interactive campaign that explores the impact the NAND memory development has had over the years. More details can be found in Toshiba’s official press release: TOSHIBA MARKS 25TH ANNIVERSARY OF INVENTION OF NAND FLASH TECHNOLOGY.

Total Media carries a wide range of removable media with NAND flash memory including flash drives and memory cards. For more information on how this media can be beneficial to you and your business, call or e-mail us today.