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We live in the era of technology. Smartphones took over our lives and we can’t live without them. Tablets allow us to watch movies on the go. So what would you need DVDs for? Some say that in Tampa DVD copies will soon be extinct and not needed. We say otherwise.

So here are six reasons why DVDs are still trending and why you need us.

1. Children and traveling

Are you going on a road trip with your kids? Then you can appreciate the value of DVDs. No need to use up all of the data and to drain your battery from your phone to show them the movies. Just get the portable DVD player and bring your DVDs and enjoy some quite ride. Make a few DVD copies to make sure that you have them at the house, in your car, and perhaps few spare ones in case your kids get their hands on them.

2. Marketing

DVDs are a great tool for marketing. There are several ways you can use them.

  • Send out promotional DVDs. Whether you want to send a message to potential buyers, partners, or employees- DVDs are a great way to advertise, motivate, promote and educate. According to some statistics, message sent via video has a 50% greater response rate than traditional direct mail.
  • Instructional/Informational- attaching a DVD with some information about the product or instructions how to use it is a great and convenient way for customers. No need for them to look for videos on YouTube to search for information. And it increases customer’s satisfaction.

In Tampa DVD copies are easy to get and we can help you to find the best solution for your marketing. From customized jewel case, to disc printing- we are your one stop shop!

3. Collectors

Have you ever been to collector’s house? They are proud to display their DVDs to others- all organized by categories, alphabetically, or any other ways. One of the largest private movie collections in the world is valued at $300,000 and has over 15,000 titles.  Do you need to make some DVD copies to add to your collection? Contact us today!

4. Favors

Wedding CD and DVD favors are the hottest trend in weddings today! Instead of giving you guests those awful almond candies, give them something they will love for years to come!

5. Holidays

Holiday DVDs make a great gift. Do you have old family VHS tapes? Convert them to DVD and make some copies for your family members. Great gift they will treasure for sure! Add your own artwork or photos printed on the DVD to personalize the gift even more.


Whether you need complete printing and packaging, or simply duplicated discs, we are your industry leader. Tampa DVD copies are clear, crisp, and of the highest quality. You won’t even be able to see the difference from the originals. In addition to getting your DVD copies, we also offer services like: disc printing and DVD packaging.

Here is some sample pricing:


(Fee Applies)
1 Color (Black, Blue, or Red) Thermal Disc Printing
300 Dots Per Inch.
($20 setup fee)
Full Color Inkjet Printing
4800 Dots Per Inch.
($25 setup fee)
“Photo Realistic” Rimage EVEREST Disc Printing
173 Lines Per Inch.
($30 setup fee)

• Includes copy to Grade “A” DVD-R media (a DVD-5) and “On-disc” printing.
• Prices are per unit cost
• A Intellectual Property Rights Form must be signed with every order
• Turn around time is 72 hours after art approval and subject to production demands

To get started, contact us today!