“Tape media” typically refers to the blank tape supply for tape drives, data storage devices that read and write data on magnetic tapes. It is essentially the same technology used to record audio on cassette tapes and video on videotape whereby data is accessed sequentially (as opposed to randomly) because a tape drive must physically wind the magnetic tape between reels in order to access and read any specific piece of data. The tape itself is the medium on which the data is stored, but this tape is generally encased in a cartridge to protect the material inside and to allow for easier handling and storage.


DLTCC_LgWhy Would I Want to Use Total Media for my Blank Tape Supplies?

Magnetic tape was first used to store data back in 1951, though the data capacity and the recording speed has increased significantly since then (DLT tapes can hold up to 800 gigabytes and LTO tapes can hold up to 5 terabytes of data!). Their high data capacity is the reason why they remain popular data storage devices today. Tape media is typically used by those that need a high capacity solution for backing up and archiving data (not by those that just want to share information in a personalized way like with custom CDs and DVDs). They can actually be a cheaper alternative to discs or types of removable media due to their memory storage density, and requiring less of them to store the same amount of data means they will take up less space as well. Total Media, Inc. has a wide variety of tape drives available in various memory capacities in addition to cleaning cartridges, all at bargain bulk pricing. Call or e-mail us for more information.

Imation Media & Imaging Supplies
Part Number
11776Imation 35GB Black Watch DLT IV Tape
17170Imation DLT IV Tape w/label
12919Imation Black Watch DLT Cleaning Tape Cleaning Cartridge
16260Imation 160/320GB SDLT Tape I Tape Cartridge
16398Imation Super DLT Tape I 160/320GB, Labeled
16988Imation Super DLT Tape II 300/600GB
16332Imation SDLT Cleaning Cartridge
16399Imation SDLT 1 Cleaning Cartridge, Labeled
16232Imation Black Watch Ultrium Gen 1 100/200GB, Labeled w/case
41089Imation Black Watch Ultrium Gen 1 100/200GB, w/case
41278Imation Black Watch Ultrium Gen 1 100/200GB
16598Imation 200/400GB LTO Ultrium Gen 2 II Tape Cartridge w/case
16599Imation LTO Ultrium II  Gen 2 200/400GB Labeled w/case
16600Imation LTO Ultrium Gen 2 200/400GB Labeled
17532Imation LTO Ultrium Gen 3 400/800 Tape Cartridge w/case
17533Imation LTO Ultrium Gen 3 400/800GB Labeled w/case
17534Imation LTO Ultrium Gen 3 400/800GB
17535Imation LTO Ultrium Gen 3 400/800 GB Labeled
17960Imation LTO Ultrium Gen 3 WORM 400/800GB w/case
26592Imation LTO Ultrium IV 800GB/1.6TB w/case
15931Imation Ultrium Universal LTO Cleaning Cartridge
15849Imation LTO Ultrium Plastic Cases
91270Imation Black Watch 9840 20GB 886 Tape Cartridge
40902Imation Black Watch 9840 01/I  20GB 886 Tape Cartridge
91833Imation Black Watch 9840 03 20GB 886 C-BCL Tape Cartridge
91831Imation Black Watch 9840 03/I 20GB 886 C-BCL INTZ Tape Cartridge
41024Imation Black Watch 9840 04/I 20GB 886 BW L&I Tape Cartridge
90676Imation 9840 Cleaning Cartridge(100 cleanings)
91829Imation 9840 Cleaning Cartridge w/EDP Bar code Label (100 cleanings)
41333Imation Black Watch 9940 60GB Tape Cartridge
41334Imation Black Watch 9940 60GB 2320′ C-BCL INTZ Tape Cartridge
41337Imation 9940 Cleaning Cartridge (100 cleanings)
26552Imation DLT DataGuard Transport/Storage Case 20 Pack Yellow
26553Imation LTO DataGuard Transport/Storage Case Enterprise 20 Pack Yellow
26941Imation LTO DataGuard Transport/Storage Case Ultrium w/Polybox 20 Pack Yellow
26890Imation DataGuard rf Bottom Insert Replacement Ultrium w/Polybox
95P4436Ultrium LTO 4 Tape Cartridge – 800GB
24R1922Ultrium LTO 3 Tape Cartridge – 400GB
08L9870Ultrium LTO 2 Tape Cartridge – 200GB
08L9120Ultrium LTO Tape Cartridge-100GB
35L2086Ultrium LTO Universal Cleaning Cartridge (50 uses max)
18P75343592 Tape Cartridge-300GB
23R98303592 Tape Cartridge-Extended Data 700GB
18P75353592 Cleaning Cartridge
111.00100.VXA V6 (62M) Data Cartridge
111.00106VXA V10 (120m) Data Cartridge
111.00103VXA V17 (170m) Data Cartridge
111.00200.VXA X6 (62m) Data Cartridge
111.00206VXA X10 (124m) Data Cartridge
111.00221VXA X23 (230m) Data Cartridge
111.00209VXA X Cleaning Cartridge