CD and DVD Packaging – Jewel Cases & More

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With the debut of the compact disc back in 1982 came the introduction of the jewel case, the same form of packaging that is still used to store and protect optical media today (it is actually rumored that its name came from the perfection of its design). The design consists of two plastic halves that are hinged together. The back half holds the media tray, which is responsible for keeping the disc inside in place. The front lid has tabs to keep a booklet or single page insert in place.

While the jewel case has a plethora of strengths (which have led to its long-term use) including its durability, its ease of storage, and its room for artwork and advertising, there are many other disc packaging options available that could be better suited for an individual’s needs. One such option is the window sleeve. Designed as essentially a paper envelope for a disc with a transparent window through which the surface of the disc can be viewed, this is the least expensive option available to purchasers. And while both jewel cases and sleeves can be used to package DVDs in addition to CDs, DVDs are more commonly protected by Amaray cases. Amaray cases are similar to jewel cases, but they are a bit taller and thicker and are also made of a softer type of plastic that is less prone to breaking.

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