Media Conversion Services- Save Your Data Today!

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Media Conversion ServicesDid you know that the average VHS tape only lasts between 15-20 years? The same lifetime can be estimated for cassette tapes, too. There are a variety of factors that lend to the degradation of these forms of magnetic tape media – oxygen and humidity eat away at the chemicals and metals of the tapes as they naturally age, worn tape players can scratch and harm the data of tapes, and tapes are even degraded every time they pass across the mechanical parts of recorders and players. Optical media (CDs, DVDs, etc.) was developed to overcome the shortcomings of magnetic tape media and with media conversion you can save the data from your VHS and cassettes before they degrade past

With media conversion, you will not only have your data stored in digital formats that are compatible with modern playback devices, but conversion can also improve the quality of your audio and video by reducing static and noise and stabilizing the images. Imagine seeing your home videos breathe new life, hearing your high school band’s demo sound like it never sounded before, or knowing that your important corporate conference footage is secure for years to come. And with media conversion you can even have slides converted to DVDs and vinyl and 8-tracks converted to CDs!

For more information about media conversion, and to find out how you can save your precious data and memories, call or e-mail Total Media, Inc. today!